What does it take to be the next Top Brewer?

To become The Top Brewer MN you must test your skills against some of the best brewers in the state!  The Top Brewer MN will brew their favorite, honed recipe and sample them at a series of tasting events.

The winner must pass a preliminary round THEN given recipe and ingredients for a finals competition that will decide the ultimate Top Brewer MN.  Only the top brewers will win the top prize, being awarded an opportunity to brew their beer at full production level!  Each series of events (2 per year) will yield a new brew champion, who will be crowned, the Top Brewer MN.

Meet the People at Lucid that make this event possible
Jon Messier & Eric Biermann
Lucid brewers Jon Messeir and Eric Biermann

Top Brewers MN will brew production level with Lucid

A key mission for Eric and Jon at Lucid Brewery was to allow home brewers to have the opportunity to live their dream and brew at an actual brewery.  The problem was, how does Lucid pick brewers?
Enter, the Top Brewer MN Competition, with it’s sole goal of putting seasoned home brewers against eachother to brew one amazing Minnesotan Beer!
Think you got what it takes to be one of the best brewers in MN? Apply to enter future competitions and we’ll keep you in the know.