The ultimate beer making & beer tasting event in Minnesota!

Beer tasting competition

Each week Minnesota’s best home brewers battle it out to see who will become this season’s top brewer!

Who is actually the best of the best?

What local brewer has what it takes to produce a beer so good that 200 event judges pick their brew superior to all others?

Join us in a historical Minnesota competition!

The concept is simple.  Home-Brewers are allowed to brew any style for round one.

Guests and representatives from Lucid, Blue Plate Group, Northern Brewer, and ThriftyHipster are the judges.

The winner of each round moves on to a finals round where they will be given a recipe and ingredients and whomever makes that style the best will have the opportunity to brew with the Lucid guys on a production style system and become the next Top Brewer Minnesota!


The Top Brewer MN will brew their beer for the masses!

prize brewing spot

Enter the superstar.  
Have you ever wanted to see your beer at your favorite local bar?

Have you ever wanted to brew a beer at full production level?

Are you ready to take your brewing experience to the next level?

The Top Brewer MN will brew their winning recipe at Lucid Brewery, name it, and have 60 kegs distributed to local restaurants!

We’ll also be throwing you and all your friends a release party to celebrate your achievement…

…and from this moment forward, you will ever be worshiped and credited for your exceptional skills, as The Top Brewer Minnesota.

Top Brewer MN will have a limited release of their winning beer